Charged Water, Vowel Sounds, Colors and Affirmations

Information on Charged Water, Vowel Sounds, Colors and Affirmations that was received in an email correspondence with a member of Hermes Lodge of A.M.O.R.C. around the early to mid 2000’s.

I cannot attest as to whether it’s authorship as listed below is accurate or not. The first section does appear to be in the writing style of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, especially when compared to the C.R.C. monographs for reference.

The following section by Llewellyn George (the founder of Llewellyn books) is very interesting for a number of reasons.  The “vowel sounds” are close or identical, of their uses to those of A.M.O.R.C. Also, the charged water correspondences are also very similar. In some cases they are identical to what is in the section by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis.

There is a date to the Llewellyn George section of 1920. But not to the Dr. H. Spencer Lewis section, A.M.O.R.C.’s founding is 1915. It is hard to say which one is influencing the other. If anyone has information on Llewellyn George and his relationship, if any, with Dr. H. Spencer Lewis please contact us.

The only changes done to the document have been formatting to make it easier to read. The information below is not to take the place of any professional medical advice. Nor are any of the claims below are verified by medical science. Always seek the advice of a trained medical professional if needed.

Charged Water and Color by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis


Amber Solarized Water:

amber colored glass draws from the sun the amber ray.

this ray penetrates both the amber glass and the water in it, imbuing it with its own curative power. 

amber solarized water is one of the finest laxatives.

a glass night and morning acts directly on the liver and bowels, cleaning both.

used externally, amber charged water will rouse sluggish skin.

it will lighten hair, shampooed or rinsed with it.

it will remove freckles when lemon juice has been added.

Charged Water using Vowel Sounds, Color and Affirmations
Bottles used were recycled mineral water bottles for the blue and green and the red was one used to make salad dressings and vinaigrettes.

Red Solarized Water:

red charged water cures diarrhea and dysentery.

it activates dormant activities of stomach and abdomen.

red water contains iron elements, therefore builds blood and cures anemia.

it strengthens heart action and reduces pressures.

it stabilizes circulation.

used externally will increase blood circulation to the skin.

Green Solarized Water:

green charged water is strictly for the nerves.

it relaxes tension.

it soothes nerves.

it assures restful sleep.

it harmonizes body action.

it makes one at peace with the world.

it should be used daily, morning and night.

Blue Solarized Water:

blue charged water is nature’s panacea. blue water does so many wonderful things it is called the “fountain of youth” because:

  1. smooths rough skin.
  2. softens dry skin.
  3. shrinks large pores.
  4. whitens yellow or sallow complexion.
  5. heals chapped hands and lips.
  6. relieves bloodshot or inflamed eyes (use cup or dropper).
  7. it strengthens eye muscles (use in the eye and pat outside).
  8. a dentifrice it is better than powder or paste.
  9. it is a perfect mouth wash.
  10. it sweetens the breath.
  11. it hardens the gums.
  12. it destroys mouth bacteria.
  13. shave with blue water and note how refreshing it is.
  14. massage flabby flesh and watch it tighten
  15. it kills perspiration odors.
  16. it beautifies hair as a shampoo.
  17. it cures dandruff.
  18. it prevents baldness.
  19. it darkens hair.
  20. it beautifies skin. leave on face, arms and neck and let dry.
  21. it cures headaches. apply to forehead and let dry.
  22. it cures catarrh snuff blue water a little at a time.
  23. heals sore throat gargle.
  24. relieves indigestion  sip every few minutes.
  25. cures gastritis  sip every few minutes.
  26. for colic feed a teaspoonful every few minutes. in 16 minutes the   effect is marvelous.
  27. for wounds, cuts, sores or pimples, wash frequently.
  28. internally healing, use as a douche.
  29. for inflamed rectum, use as an enema.
  30. for digestion, a glass of blue water after meals.
  31. for cancerous skin growths, take a half glass every half hour and use externally as well.
  32. it cures anything that needs a sedative an antiseptic  and astringent or a boost. it will answer your needs 99%  the 1% being the exception.

You now have in your possession information which will help you to keep healthy or restore health. But it will not, no it cannot, unless you use it.

Charged Water, Vowels Sounds, Colors and Affirmations by Llewellyn George


Many a one has failed in his chosen line of work, or fallen short of a desired objective, despite training and natural ability, due to some undesirable trait of personality that repelled instead of attracting the confidence and goodwill of associates. Confidence, encouragement, friendly cooperation of coworkers, promotion and advancement, all these desirable conditions may be won by the right attitude; by learning to put your best foot forward” at all times. Perhaps the basic quality is a good disposition, and lucky indeed is the person who was born with a keen sense of humor. Sometimes a “bad” disposition is due to ill health, low vitality that cannot stand up against strain or heavy competition, or lack of training in childhood in the fundamentals of getting along with people.

Qualities and attitudes that make up a desirable personality are contained in these words: Adaptable, agreeable, pliable, serene, sympathetic, generous, truthful.  Carrying this into the physical realm we should include such conditions as cleanliness, orderliness, good taste.

Is your place a small place?

Tend it with care

He set you there.

Is your place a large place?

Guard it with care

He set you there.

Whatever your place, it is

Not yours alone, but His

Who set you there. 

-John Oxenham.

Can the leopard change his spots? Of course not; nor can you make brown eyes blue or add one cubit to your stature. Yet many a person who would not be noticed in a crowd as a particularly beautiful woman or strikingly handsome man may have a million dollar personality that will go further in the race for success than mere physical attractiveness and will endure long after beauty had faded….. A healthy body kept immaculately clean and clothed in good taste; a kind word at the right moment spoken in a well modulated tone; these and other qualities that any one may develop with a little effort help to create a personality that can hold its own anywhere. The high strung individual who “bristles” at the slightest provocation or the overcritical one who demands perfection instantly, may develop poise and serenity by following certain formulas for development which will be found in this book. First Health:

Charged Water as a Healing Agency

Water is one of life’s essentials. It is a boon to mankind as well as all the sentient creatures because, like air, it is charged with the Life Principle. Next to oxygen, all living things have most need of water, as water composes the larger part of the weight of all living things, and 7/10ths. of man’s body.

Water has great medicinal property as it washes out the poisons which accumulate in the system, cleanses the body and inside in general elimination.  It enters into the construction of each living cell. In addition to the water

which is incorporated into the cells as a part of their tissues, all independent, single celled beings live in water in which they find their food, and all the active, living cells of the many celled beings may be considered as living in a fluid medium. In plants it is sap in animals’ blood or lymph, or just water which is circulated to the tissues. These body fluids do for the cells of the many celled animals and plants what the water in which they live does for the single celled creatures. “Fluids carry food for nourishment and take away waste matter, while at the same time supplying the liquids necessary for keeping the living substance in the half fluid, mobile condition necessary to life.”

Adverse thinking is not the only element that throws the bodily constituents out of balance; there are things which occur outside ourselves which have considerable influence upon the delicately adjusted bodily fluids and tend to change their conditions, their potencies, and their qualities. For instance, the sudden cooling or the sudden heating of some of the chemicals changes their nature to a certain extent. Persons we contact impress us and their mental and emotional states may exert powerful influence upon us, consciously or unconsciously. Strong emotions, excitement or shock affect the body and cause changes within it. Changes of temperature, atmospheric, pressure, humidity and changes in planetary vibrations also affect life as their influences are reported or registered upon the body and, consequently, react upon the mind. Temperature and humidity are also subject to planetary conditions. “As above so below” means that what occurs on a higher plane produces corresponding effects on the plane below.

The bodily constituents, mostly liquid, are sensitive to Lunar changes and aspects, and are involuntarily or automatically inclined to change responsively with the Moon. Some of these Lunar aspects cause chemical transmutations to which we may react unfavorably without us knowing why. As we become conscious of the changed condition, the mind begins to feel distressed accordingly, although maybe not analyzing correctly the cause or source of the distress. The Moon rules liquids and water, and has dominion over the dew and the tides. As 7/10ths. of the surface of our earth is covered by water, the importance of the Moon’s influence may thereby be judged. There are springs on mountain tops that rise and fail under the Moon’s influences with a regularity like that of the ocean tides. The Moon’s influence is said to be feminine and productive, the functions of the breasts and stomach are closely related to its influence. It has a maternal, brooding influence and governs the liquids of the body, including the menses.

Although we take it too much for granted there is hardly an illness of any sort that is not preventable, or amenable to cure or improvement, by the proper use of water in various ways. The majority of people do not drink enough water compared with the huge needs of the constructive working elements of the body, even if one considers only the flushing and cleansing of the 40 miles of drainage “tubes” of the body. If you have good reason for thinking that your drinking water is not pure, boil a quantity each day and partake of it freely. Like the Statue Of Liberty, get a glass of water and, as does the Goddess Of Liberty, bear aloft the glass, and give this toast, “To good health.” Think what the benign effects must be from partaking 12 portions daily of Nature’s remedy and tonic water with this mental and physical treatment.

The skin should have plenty of sunlight, fresh air and clean water. And remember deep breathing is an essential, not alone for the benefit of the lungs, the circulation and cleansing of blood, etc., but for the good of all the pores in the entire body. In a normal body these elements are ejected in millions of invisible jets, which, if they could all be ignited, would make of the body a veritable flaming torch. If the body is allowed to become dirty or remain so, these sweat pores become clogged and the jets are turned inward where they slowly poison the system and may cause various disorders. So its necessary to bathe the body frequently, being careful to remove soap by rinsing and to rub causing friction tends to stimulate and strengthen the skin.

Affirmations for Various Uses

Initial Affirmation:

I declare my freedom from limiting thoughts. I affirm my determination to elevate my thinking to the plane of conscious direction of my faculties.

Henceforth my thought processes will be deliberate, orderly, systematic and constructive. I will create thought pictures of logical achievement.

I know that all things work together for good to those who love the law of rightness.

I will not consider any obstacle or delay a real hindrance but will meet all difficulties as a test of faith; strengthening my resolution to go forward and exercise ingenuity.

I know that nothing is wrong except in appearance, and that it is always darkest just before the dawn. The dawn of a new life full of opportunities is breaking now for me; a new phase of expression in the fullness of health, love and usefulness awaits my recognition, my realization.

My song of life shall be sung in a higher key.

Henceforth I will not struggle nor grope in the dullness of fear or distress. Such thoughts only obscure the vision of the real joy of living.

I know that undue haste, worry and nervous strain are disintegrating. They destroy cell structure more rapidly than my inner self can normally replace; hence, I will endeavor to act deliberately and give the inner elements, organs and functions proper time to make adjustments.

Thus I conserve and increase my forces and develop a reserve supply of energy to act as resistance to any undesirable conditions which I may perchance contact in the pursuit of my daily duties.

I will live in a larger, grander world of thought, will measure and weigh myself (and others) in terms of Cosmic rules.

I know that my faculty of Physical Control, having brought my body up from the invisible cell, knows perfectly what to do to continue to develop and maintain harmony within my organism.

Never again will I hinder its work by neglecting Nature’s needs; nor will I hinder it by incorrect attitudes such as worry, fear, gloom, impatience and anger.

I know that my faculty of Response to Suggestion is ever attentive to my thoughts and feelings. It is always ready to express in my body the character of those attributes of the mind, as well as build into it the elements urged by Nature’s Perfect Laws; hence, I will pay more attention to the quality of my thoughts and feelings so as to assist, rather than retard, the beneficent operations of Nature.

I aim to inspire, enthuse, uplift, enlighten and comfort others.

Mine will be the healing words; mine will be the healing hands

Affirmation  Love:

I assert my privilege of freedom from weakness and misgivings.

I affirm my liberty to partake fully and freely of the All Pervading and Ever Present Love Power that flows abundantly through every living thing, and I affirm that I will let it manifest its benign attributes internally and externally.

I affirm that the proof of its presence will be in the new light in which I  

view everything, great and small; the new values I see in doing daily duties, the new joys I find in performing every act of service to myself or to others.

I will look upon life with a broader view; judging the purposes and motives of my fellow men with more tolerance and love.

In this larger view (in the greater mind) I can easily forgive and forget, knowing that nothing matters except that we grow in understanding, love, health, moral strength, kindness and usefulness.

I will think things that inspire me; say things that encourage others; do my daily duties joyously, knowing that these are attitudes which conduce to growth, happiness and achievement.

I am a child of the Bountiful Creator and I know that everyone else is a member of the same divinely created family.

I affirm that the world is a wonderful garden of opportunity and is filled to overflowing with luscious manna for my use and I am learning to receive in abundance. I open my eyes to the glorious lessons of life about me and grow strong, radiant, supreme.

Affirmation: to help step up efficiency in daily tasks:


I give to time (each passing moment) the very best I know in every thought, every word, every act.

I trust the Powers of Infinite Wisdom, to bring into my life an abundance of love, opportunities for development and progress, and whatever equipment I need for perfecting myself for important service.

Affirmation: Invocation to Sleep:

Now I lay this body down for rest, repose and recreation.

It is my desire that every atom of my being shall become renewed and rejuvenated, and shall develop a working harmony with the whole for perfect action in the manifestation of health, strength and vitality.

While the benign elements of the universe are cooperating with the elements of my body for complete replenishment, may my aspiring soul seek the realms of celestial radiance to learn the lessons of Universal Law and return with the fruits of knowledge to this renewed physical being.

I rest in the trust in which I find I can repose; in the wonderful powers within my being; powers which but await the command of my unflinching will to develop and maintain for me a new body, a “more stately mansion,” with every part perfecting attuned and adjusted to meet all of the requirements of a progressive, useful and happy life.

May the coming day be fraught with opportunities to render loving service and may my capacity be increased to perform all duties deliberately, correctly and fruitfully, so that loving, health giving and inspiring vibrations shall emanate from my every act for the benefit of all beings. So be it.

Affirmation: An absent Treatment:

I am improving. I am better today than yesterday. I will be still better tomorrow.

Then continue the treatment something along the line:

The constructive thought you have formed, united with the perfect thoughts I have formed, and the perfect thought waves emanating from all those progressive persons who are sending out the same kind of vibrations, are finding expression in your mind and body. They are stimulating the nerves, opening up new paths over which healthful stimuli are flowing now and will continue to flow for all time hereafter, thereby working for your best interests.

You are getting better because you are thinking better.

Your conscious mind, forming constructive thoughts, is acting in harmony with your inner, silent but industriously creative mind, which is always working for perfection.

You are now being renewed; made over into the likeness of your new ideals, new hopes, new aspirations, new resolutions. Just as new thoughts are flowing through your mind, so is new blood flowing through your veins.

Your muscles, sinews, tendons, bones and bodily chemicals are all imbued with the higher vibrations of your new mental states. They now have confidence in you as an intelligent, constructive director of their activities. They know that you are now worthy of their greatest and finest efforts and aim to serve you well. You need only to think and they will hasten to obey your wish. Give your willing, efficient servants a chance. They glory in carrying out your unselfish, constructive wishes. So be it.

You will note by the foregoing that a treatment is designed to help the patient “by speaking the words” which are intended to strengthen the expression of his own inherent constructive and beneficent healing forces. Your conscious coordination with his benign powers, strengthens them to overcome his erroneous conscious thoughts which retard or prevent his progress and healing. Such a treatment is in reality a prayer.

This treatment may be used for absent treatment when a person’s name is added.

These affirmations are beneficial for children, particularly if read at their bedside in a subdued voice. The child’s conscious mind may not know what you are talking about, but its subconscious mind knows.

Important: Never NEVER, under any circumstance use the will in connection with an affirmation or absent treatment to coerce or force another to your way of thinking. All forms of mental treatment should always be in accordance with the thought: “Not mine, but Thy Will Be Done.” (This means according to Divine Law). If you consider the treatment in the light of a prayer you may then more easily afterward leave the patient “lovingly “in the hands of the Father.

Like the Firefly, you carry your own elements of enlightenment with you. These are Kindness Optimism Effort.

Kindness is another word for consideration. Tact, tolerance and politeness are all closely associated with kindness. Show kindness to those you contact and you thereby avoid enmity, jealousy and antagonism, and other obstacles in the way of progress.

Be Optimistic. Have faith in yourself. Believe that “what you can adequately conceive, you can achieve.” Persistently and consistently maintain the affirmative attitude, I CAN.

Effort is a keynote. The word, “effort,” in this connection should not be misinterpreted as meaning constant, strenuous, arduous toil; although if and when you are confronted by need of extra or prolonged application to some matter, go about it cheerfully and with the feeling that this is an opportunity to measure your strength and develop greater capacity for increased service. Effort, in the sense of its meaning here refers to a strong application of the will to forge ahead. It implies activity of mind or body, or both combined, and application of strength and power. Sustained effort is a key to victory.

Improve the kind of activity you are engaged in and you will, by practice, make yourself more capable of doing greater things. Therefore hold steadfastly to your determination to put your best efforts into everything you do. I will, means constructive activity.

Organization is another essential factor closely associated with effort. It means orderly planning, systematic methods of action, working from cause to effect. Remember what was said in the opening, “Order is Heaven’s first law.” This “first law” is reflected in Nature’s orderly procedure in growth, harvest and decay. First the preparation for sowing, then the cultivation and harvest time; lastly the decay and decomposition of unused materials that are thereby transformed into fertilizing properties that in turn prepare the soil for another cycle of growth and harvest. So Plan your work and work your plan.


Water, as we all know, is produced through the combining of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. It is generally taught that water is composed of two parts hydrogen to one of oxygen, by this is meant that in proportion there are two portions of hydrogen to one of oxygen, and in or by weight the one portion of oxygen weighs sixteen times as much as the two parts of hydrogen.

According to the latest researches, which are not as yet accepted although demonstration after demonstration has proven them absolutely correct, water is found to be composed of equal parts of oxygen and hydrogen, and not two to one as always supposed, however, science may be at odds on the question as to how many parts of hydrogen and oxygen compose water, it is not our purpose to go into the matter very deeply, because we are at present dealing with what water will do and not with what water is composed of, yet it is important that we know certain of the qualities composing water in order that we may come to understand why water will produce certain conditions and certain other things under other conditions. Therefore, as long as we know that water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen, no matter in what proportions, we must learn the nature of these two elements so that we may know their respective qualities and actions.

Let us then take up our dictionary and learn what these elements are, or rather what science has to say about them: first we look up hydrogen and of this we read; “it is a colorless tasteless, gaseous element, the lightest substance known, being fourteen times and a half lighter than air and eleven thousand, one hundred sixty times lighter than water, liquefying under great pressure and at a very low temperature;” of oxygen we read, “a colorless tasteless, and inodorous gaseous element existing in large quantities in both air and water.”

These definitions, however, tell us little or nothing about hydrogen. What we want to know is not what these elements manifest, but what they are in fundamental law and principle. A thorough search fails to reveal this kind of information, because of this we will have to carry our investigations a little further … far and beyond the dictionary, the textbook and the general school knowledge of these elements.

The first thing we must do is to reduce the molecule of an atom. In doing this we find that these elements will retain their individuality in the atom just as they did in the molecule. Because of this we must reduce the atom to still a smaller particle, and for this being smaller, science has termed the electron, but because science is so divided as to what the electron really is, we cannot accept any of the scientific theories and must work according to our own knowledge of the electron. So now we find ourselves at a point where we begin to reason along these lines: If matter is in a constant state of vibration at all times, then as matter is made of molecules these molecules must be vibrating too, and, as the molecules are made up of atoms must also be of vibratory nature, and we find that the atoms are made up of electrons and conclude that electrons are vibrating too. Now, having dissected matter to the minutest detail, we come to this conclusion; if the electron, atom and molecules are vibratory in nature and if these made up matter, then all matter must be likewise of vibratory nature.

In view of this conclusion, water of a material nature must be composed of vibratory elements (in fact there is no other kind), and as water, to exist and be, must be constantly in a state of vibration, we may then realize that vibrations play just as important a part in water. When it comes to healing, as they do in colors.

Now we know there are many thousand different kinds of water owing to different localities and different conditions, but this is so because the water contains many different kinds of minerals and the chemical change produces certain effects attributed to certain kinds of water, there is a sulfur spring, the radio active spring, the lime charged water, etc. All these have different effects upon the human system, when taken internally or used externally; there are the mud baths and the Sun heated baths, the electrical baths and the Turkish Baths, etc. these, too are used with beneficial effects under certain conditions. However, water of itself and without assistance or any chemical or mineral possess a quality but little known to the lazy mind. It is that pure natural water …. the kind you use every day…. that possesses and absorbing quality equal to anything else in the universe. In fact, the absorbent quality of water is second to naught else, and it is this fact which led thousands to the research work which has been carried on for hundreds, yes thousands of years among hydrotherapists.

A GLASS OF CLEAR COLD WATER, NOT ICED, DRUNK BEFORE RETIRING, will do more to absorb and carry off the poisons in the system than any medicine in the world. A glass of clear cold water taken on rising will refresh the whole system and make one feel the joy of living.

In an experiment recently tried, a patient was given a glass of clear cold water to drink. Another hour later she was given another glass of water, but this time the water had been exposed to the Sun’s rays for about twenty minutes, the patient knowing nothing of the exposure. Upon drinking this water she remarked as to the remarkable exhilaration she felt, and asked if the water had been magnetized.  (She had heard of magnetized water.)

Another patient, who was suffering from over excitability, was instructed to drink a glass of cold water before retiring. Within three days a vast change was noticed, and the patient continued with the water each night. He is now calm and self possessed.

You all know the exhilarating effects of a cold shower, coming from the heat of the day, tired, dusty, and brain weary, a cold shower gives new life in a few minutes and the entire body tingles with new life. WHY? Simply because the water absorbs the poisons, cleans out the pores, and carries away the injurious materials which clog them. Yes, water of itself is a powerful medium for health, but when water is subjected to certain treatment it takes on additional power and may be then utilized in many different ways for the restoration of health.


Since water is composed of elements which are vibratory in nature and since water is a wonderful absorbent, it may be used to absorb and retain additional vibrations, and thus carry them into the system for healing purposes. Nature uses color vibrations to bring about a perfect and harmonious condition of the body.

These same vibrations can be stored up in a bottle of water and the water taken internally, proceeds to release the vibrations, and thus they are used by nature to aid and restore the health. The method of using water and storing up these vibrations is simple, and anyone may use it without danger. Here is the method in one short sentence: Obtain colored bottles from your druggist, fill them with water and expose them to Sun’s rays for two hours. Simple, is it not? WHAT?, people have exclaimed. “Do you mean to tell me that water, when exposed to Sun’s rays through colored bottles, will effect cures that even medicine cannot cure? Yes, they are assured, and then go on their way shaking their heads and exclaiming someone is crazy, but it is not them.

You will know that it is the natural vibrations coming from the Sun that is the cause of such remarkable cures, through colored charged water, and that nature uses the vibrations in every instance to effect the cure herself. You desire to know what the different color charged waters are good for. The most important colors for charged water are blue and amber. These are used mostly. The red, green and orange are but seldom used; the latter hardly ever. Your blue and amber bottles should be as large as possible, the blue even larger than the amber. The gallon size is fine, but get as large a size as possible. Two each of the blue and amber, if you can possibly do so, as the sun does not always shine, on cloudy or rainy days your supply may run low unless you have enough bottles.

We will first consider the curative qualities of the blue charged water. Here is what it is good for, and most people laugh at first but after trying it out they call it “the fountain of youth.” Rough dry skin, large pores, yellowish complexion, red inflamed eyes, chapped hands, for these the blue charged water is remarkable. Use it freely as a wash. If your hair is light, do not use too much of it as it tends to darken it. For dandruff and other flaking of the scalp rub the blue water in with the fingertips and massage the scalp thoroughly, if it is not too tender. This treatment is also excellent for bald spots. Massage flabby flesh with blue water; use for excessive perspiration. The blue charged water being an antiseptic and astringent is better than tooth powders, liquids, or pastes, for cleaning teeth. Us as a mouthwash. It destroys germs, hardens the gums, and sweetens the breath.

For sore tired feet, a foot bath in blue water will make them feel like dancing. Mix your shaving water with blue water and note the refreshing lift it give your face. Hair may be darkened by the use of amber, charged. water. Use the water plain or with your favorite soap. For wounds or sores the blue water is excellent used as a wash. A little lemon juice squeezed into a glass of blue water will cause freckles to disappear like magic. Simply wash the skin with it and let dry. A cloth wrung out of blue charged water and placed on the forehead will relieve an ordinary headache in a few minutes. When the baby has a touch of colic, give a teaspoon of blue charged water every fifteen minutes; the effect is marvelous. For catarrh snuff a little up the nose; for the sore throat use as a gargle.

Indigestion and gastritis are readily relieved and cured by sipping blue charged bottle water every few minutes for a while. Inflamed gums, sore mouth, etc. may be cured by holding blue water in the mouth for a few minutes and then spitting it out. Used in an eye cup or dropper it will cure inflamed eyes, and strengthen weak eye muscles. It will readily cure inflammatory conditions of the womb or rectum and is especially good for such conditions when freshly charged.

For nervous people a small glassful after meals will be found exceptionally fine to restore a harmonious balance. Small doses at intervals of an hour will cure diarrhea, dysentery, inflamed and painful stomach, cancerous skin growths. Use for insomnia a glass at night. All in all, blue water is the best antiseptic, astringent, nervine and sedative that may be found all through nature. Many other things the blue water is good for, too numerous to mention.

Amber water is fine for lightening the hair and arousing sluggish skin, when the skin is inactive. It is also good for dandruff and baldness, as well as a nasal douche for catarrh. Red charged water contains much of the iron element, and is excellent for dormant, inactive stomach conditions, where irritations, is not too great. In cases where irritation is shown, the purple water would be barrier until the irritation is removed; then use the red. Red water is excellent for inactive skin, but it is best to alternate it with blue or purple once or twice a week.

Green charged water is also a fine nervine, but for all ordinary purposes the blue will answer. Orange charged water should never be used unless the exact conditions of the patient is shown. It acts as a powerful laxative, therefore, it is best not to use it, as the amber and blue will answer in 99% of cases.

You now have in your possessions information which will help you keep in good health and restore many conditions. Charged water will do wonders for you if you will use as directed. Let me add that knowledge of any kind will not help you in the end, if you keep it for or to yourself. Pass what you have learned on to others, whenever you have the opportunity. In this way you will gain more and reap more. July 29, 1966.


The red color vibration: 

Vowel MEH pronounced like may.”  Note C.  Directly affects the solar plexus.  Red stimulates anemic sluggishness, poor circulation and weak heart action. It is also effective in blood poisoning, penetrates soothes and heals muscular organisms, also stimulates the Left Brain.

The Orange Color Vibration:

Vowel “AUM” pronounced like “ah oom.” Note D. Effects Pineal Gland. Orange is to be used for meditation and health.  Orange Sun Rays charged water destroys worn out tissue and brings together healthy atoms to rebuild, stimulate heart and Sympathetic Nervous System, charges the entire body with harmony.

The Yellow Color Vibration: 

Vowel “KHEI” pronounced “Kayee.” Note E. Directly affects the Inferior Cervical. To mentally immerse the body in the yellow Sun rays (charged water) is healing body and mind, first for meditation and Peace.

The Green Color Vibration:

Vowel “THO” pronounced THO.” Note F. Directly affects the Thyroid Gland and the Middle Cervical. Green is the individualization color. The great nerve restorer used for, head colds, hay fevers, malaria, jaundice, typhoid, over stimulation, excitability, palsy Etc.

Autumn Green Color Vibration:

Vowel “Tha” pronounced “Tha.” Note F. Flood body with green water to be used in meditation to gain material things, money, position, favors.

The Delph Color Vibration:  

Vowel “OOM” pronounced “OOM” like in (br)oom. Note G. Effects Pituitary Gland.  It is the color of Venus, the Mental Plane and is used successfully for creative arts, writing, composing, designing, etc. It also instantly protects anyone or anything from danger. “OOM” is the circle.

The Indigo Blue Color Vibration:

Vowel “Ra.” Note A. Effective derma and clear skin, heals and builds bones stimulates kidneys. This shade heals and rebuilds the bony structures.

The Royal Purple Color Vibration:

Vowel “EHM” pronounced as “Aim. Note B. It affects the Thymus Gland, “Ehm” Is for pain, your own, or someone else’s. It influences the Circulatory System and produces relaxation and rejuvenation

The Ultra Violet Color Vibration:  

Vowel “OOM.” Note F#. Causes fermentation in the body and reduces hard tissue to be used in cases of arthritis hardening of the arteries etc.

The Orchid and Lavender Color Vibration:  

Vowel “Ma”. Note A. These colors arouse the sleeping fire of the Cerebrospinal Nervous System and blend harmoniously with the etheric currents of the Sympathetic Nervous System for psychic attunement.

The Yellow Violet Color Vibration of Mercury: 

Vowel “KHEI” pronounced “Kayee.” Note E OHM F#. Heals and strengthens the lungs, the Cerebrospinal Nerves and Right Brain.

Color and sound combinations can of course be used for other than peace producing conditions. Different types may be used for the different moods you wish to accentuate, such as gaiety, or motivation to work and be active. You will find it very interesting to experiment with the many variations available to you.

In another experiment with sound and color, it will prove interesting to try and perceive what one or the other will arouse within you as regards its counterpart. For example, look at a beautiful painting for a while. Then, instead of reveling in its various shades and colors and waiting for their effect on your consciousness, try instead to listen for musical sounds that the painting might evoke. This will also help you be more aware of the relationship between sound and color. Then, listen to some of your favorite musical selections, and see what combinations of colors and lines they evoke in your consciousness. This crossover of effects will help you match music and color in your environment. it will lead you into ever more satisfying and harmonious surroundings and feelings.

The effect of color and sound on the health of the body cannot be overemphasized. Since health is a matter of harmony in the vibrations of the aura and the body, it stands to reason that other physical vibrations which are harmonious to us will help to bring the aura and body back into harmony if we have been ill. This principle is illustrated by the use of two tuning forks in the same key. When one is struck, the second one will begin vibrating in sympathetic attunement with it. Thus harmonious music and harmonious colors brought into close proximity to the body will soon have the body and aura vibrating in sympathetic attunement with them. With serious illnesses it would probably take more than sympathetic attunement to restore harmony to the body, but it would nevertheless add greatly to the healing process. It is easy to see, however, what a significant preventive measure harmonious music and colors would provide during periods of normal health.


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