Sound and Color for Healing

Sound and Color for Healing has always been a part of the Western Mystery Tradition. Most working groups of the tradition today have some method of healing as part of their school’s curriculum. Healing is part of who we are as a tradition, using sound and color is one method. To give aid to those who suffer dis-ease in service rendered to others.

The Therapeutae in ancient Alexandria and the Asclepions of Ancient Greece are great historical examples to study in regards to this mission. In turn we will explore one variation of this healing method in a way that is accessible to all.

Healing is, in a sense, making one whole again. It is to help restore balance and harmony to the different levels of our being, the physical and subtle bodies. Any dis-ease is a manifestation of a disharmony on one or more higher levels of being. Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves about not being healthy. Thinking that simply because we are walking a magical or spiritual path we should automatically be perfectly healthy. It is because we are walking this path that we will eventually have disharmonies. We see them at the forefront of our attention.  This focuses us to balance them. When we have brought harmony to ourselves and have overcome specific imbalances we gain essential experience.  This helps us serve others. “Physician Heal Thyself!”.

Sound and Color for Healing Background

The sound and color for healing method below is a slight variation of the ones found and used in the Builders of the Adytum and the Fraternity of the Hidden Light. It was created by Paul Foster Case. Case states emphatically that Colors have a power of their own. The notes start with Red being the lowest to Red-Violet being the highest in order of their frequency. If you are familiar with the Chakra system as used in the West, you will see that the 12 colors used in the first table are opposite of those used for the Chakras. One way of looking at this is that they bring a balance to the subtle bodies so the highest note in the chakra system is balances the lowest one in the astrological areas.

For further, more in depth study and analysis Marcotone: The Science of Tone Color, referenced by Case, is recommended to explore the use of Sound and Color and its esoteric uses. Case’s writings on this subject are available to the public in his Early Writings and his Correlation of Sound and Color. This is just one theory and use of sound and color in the modern tradition. Another system of colors for healing can also be found in Chris Penczak’s Temple of Witchcraft Series and Ascension Magick which is also highly effective.

Divine Name Used for Healing

IAΩ (IAO) is part of the method of healing below. IAO, is the Greek method of pronouncing the Tetragrammaton composed of vowels. It is very effective, powerful, and to be vibrated. If you do not feel comfortable with using this name and its associations just humming the note and seeing the associated color is another effective option. Experiment with it and see what works best for you.

Sound and Color for Healing

Items that are Helpful- pitch pipe, the Major Arcana of the Tarot (optional if you are not familiar with the Tarot), cards or paper with the 12 colors in the table below about the size of regular tarot cards.

Preliminary Work

  • Open your meditation or ritual work in your usual way.
  • Perform a relaxation method that works for you. The Relaxation of the 12 Bodily Areas  is a good option for preparation in this method of healing.
  • For healing yourself, gaze in a relaxed state at the color needed for balance with the associated Tarot key next to it. Do so for a few minutes or when you feel you are ready. Should be no longer than 5 minutes.
  • For healing another person -always be sure to get their permission first- see the person who has asked for aid in your mind’s eye. Take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds and feel a link become stronger between the two of you. Proceed as you would do above for yourself.

Sound and Color for Healing

  • Intone on the pitch pipe the associated note. Then vibrate the name IAO (Eeee-Ahhhh-Ohhh) 3 times on this note. As you do so see the color you are working with envelop the aura, of yourself or the person in need, gaining in strength on each intonation. When you work on someone else the color can be seen coming from the top of your head, down through your chest and arms, and out from your hands to the person in need. The atmosphere around you should take on a different feel when done correctly.
  • When done intoning, see yourself or the one in need filled with the color, happy and whole.

Closing Work

  • Say a prayer of thanks stating that you are grateful for this opportunity to be an instrument for the Healing powers of the Universe or something along those lines. It is not you who is doing the healing, but the Divine that is working through you.
  • You may repeat as needed after waiting for 5-10 minutes in extreme cases. Do not repeat more than 3 times in a day. Be sure to go about your day in full confidence that this is work is being accomplished.

Healing Chart

Pitch Pipe for Sound in Healing
A pitch pipe is an excellent tool to use in Sound and Color for Healing

The tables below have updated some of the language used previously as best as possible. The colors are the best approximation and may differ depending on what device you are using to view the chart. The musical notes below are on a standard pitch pipe, pictured to the right. There is no association for the element of Earth as there is not a specific Major Arcana Key associated with Earth, nor is there a musical note. In this system Earth is the combination of the fire, air, and water, in condensed form.

The planetary colors have been deliberately left out as this will be addressed in a future post regarding the Western Chakra system and the use of Greek Vowels. If you have any questions or observations about this exercise that you would like to share, leave a comment below.

Sound and Color Healing Chart based on Paul Foster Case's Work
Sound and Color for Healing Chart with Colors, Musical Notes, Zodiacal Signs, Body Area, Diseases and Tarot
Color Sound and Healing using the elements
Healing Chart using the 3 elements of Fire, Air and Water and their correspondences for Color, Sound and Healing.




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