Charged Water, Vowel Sounds, Colors and Affirmations

The information below was received in an email correspondence with a member of Hermes Lodge of A.M.O.R.C. around the early to mid 2000’s. It was emailed to me as something that I may find of use in my personal work. No other details were given. I cannot attest as to whether it’s authorship as listed below is accurate or not. The first section does appear to be in the writing style of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, especially when compared to the C.R.C. monographs for reference.

The following section by Llewellyn George (the founder of Llewellyn books) is very interesting for a number of reasons. First, is that the “vowel sounds” given are very similar, and identical in some cases, to their uses and correspondences to those of A.M.O.R.C. Second, the charged water correspondences are also very similar and in some cases identical to what is in the section by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. Continue reading Charged Water, Vowel Sounds, Colors and Affirmations