Western Chakras: Ascension of the Inner Holy Planets

One of the most popular areas of mystical or esoteric studies is the subject of Chakras. A quick search of Charkra leads you to books, blog posts, websites,  offering slightly different approaches based on “Eastern” points of views. The Ascension of the Inner Holy Planets is a “Western” ways of activating the chakras.

What is a Chakra

Following the link above you will find several variations depending upon the specific system. Most importantly there is one description that is consistent. Chakras are wheel like energy centers found within the subtle body of the human being. The number seems to vary anywhere from 4 to 7 major energy centers. They are located within a central column just in front of the spine. All acknowledge there is an invisible energy circulating throughout the subtle body energy system. In addition there are other points or minor chakras not found along the central column.

The Western Chakra System

Inner Holy Planets
Johann Geichtel’s version of the Inner Holy Planets
The 7 Inner Holy Planets of the Western Chakras
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Practicus Diagram. The 7 Planes, Planets associated and the Tree of Life.

The Western Chakra system or Inner Holy Planets, as approached here, was inspired by the diagrams of Johann Gichtel, the works of Louis Claude de St. Martin and Martinez de Pasqually as applied to their teachings on Reintegration, and Rudolf Steiner, specifically his lectures on an evolved chakra system starting from above to below as recorded in his Michael writings. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn’s Practicus diagram, the 7 planes and the Tree of Life, created a bridge between the Qabalistic Tree of Life and a Western Chakra system.

A Western Chakra system based on the number 7 has several manifestations in the Western Mystery Tradition. These can be seen in the practices of B.O.T.A., Fraternity of the Hidden Light, A.M.O.R.C.,  Temple of Witchcraft, O.T.O., The Order of the Temple of Astarte, as well as many others. Likewise The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Aurum Solis also have their own versions. These are based on 5 and 6 centers, respectively. The approach given here works with the number 7 because of its correlations to the double letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, the Planets of the Ancients, the 7 heavens, the 7 Planes and the 7 Greek Vowels. Thus the Western Chakras and Ascension of the Inner Holy Planets.

The order of activation follows the order of the Celestial Spheres following the Sidereal Cycle, the observed speed of each planet passing over the Earth. This is the same order in the diagram “The 7 Planes of the Tree of Life”.  This allows the order of the planets consistent with the chakras. Also aligned is human observation of the planets of the ancients from Earth. It is worth noting the Celestial Spheres, 7 heavens, and 7 planes align without any large inconsistencies.

Colors and the Different Chakras

Chakras and the Electromagnetic Light Spectrum
The ROYGBIV or rainbow are is the visible portion of the electromagnetic light spectrum.

The ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) correspondences is one Western Interpretation of the chakra colors. One school assigns blue to the brow and orange to the heart center. Another follows the ROYGBIV sequence but places the chakras in the area of the associated glands. Looking at the wikipedia entry for Chakras you will also see several different systems with different correspondences amongst the Eastern Schools. Chakras and the ROYGBIV sequence of colors can be traced to Arthur Avalon’s Serpent Power and Nuclear Spirituality. Either way, the ROYGBIV colors and the chakras have become strongly associated in Western Culture. They have been found to work well and give results over the past several decades.

One reason to work with these colors and chakras is it acts as a bridge between the higher and lower wavelengths in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. From the human point of view the visible senses operate in this range in our regular state of consciousness. Activating the chakras the way reinforces the idea that we act as bridges between the worlds Above and Below. The Rainbow in Mythologies across the globe reinforces this idea, with the practitioner as a messenger between the worlds.

Western Chakras and the Inner Holy Planets

Common associations of the planets and Chakras with the ROYGBIV colors are in New Age versions of the Chakras. In some cases this can lead to associations that may not be completely healthy. For instance, associating the Heart center with Venus because this center is Green may seem good at first. However, the heart center has more to do with Harmony, Self-Sacrifice, and being a center of universal unconditional love. Rather than the emotional and erotic love that’s associated with Venus. Assigning Chakras to the ascending order of planets, starting with the Moon and up to Saturn, is worth meditating on. It should be mentioned that the sephiroth are not the planets, but share similar traits. An important point to meditate on while examining this method.

Greek Vowels, Inner Holy Planets and Ascension

Vowels sounds are a part of chanting for mystical purposes across the globe.  They have a long history as far back as we have records in both East and West. It has been pointed out in several places that the Chakras are not fully activated unless sound is used.  The Greek Vowels are easy to vibrate and form a link with a more primordial aspect of the Western Mystery Tradition. For an English speaker the Greek Vowel sounds usually resonate well. English uses these forms in daily language.

The Greek Vowels are associated with the western chakras and ascension of the inner holy planets in the ascending order from the Moon to Saturn. In general they are easier to use for Westerner. Using the Eastern “Seed Syllables” or vowels is perfectly fine if you are following an Eastern Path. But mixing an Eastern and Western system may prove to be difficult and daunting. Whichever system you use and how you use it, always follow the guidance of your Higher Self as to what works best for you.

Western Chakra Exercise

Colors, Planets, Greek Vowels, Musical Note and Chakras

The method below has been used for 7 years with harmonious results within the framework of a Western Path. In personal practice it has taken the place of the Middle Pillar Exercise, familiar to those working a system based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Above all it is important to not skip steps in this exercise, because the energy needs to go from top to bottom so as not to become unbalanced. This allows of the western chakras and ascension of the inner holy planets to be safe.


Items that are helpful-pitch pipe, color cards; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Preliminary Steps

  • Begin by performing a relaxation technique that works for you.
  • Perform any Purification exercise, banishing rituals or preparation that you would do before meditation.
  • Be in a seated position, feet flat on the floor slightly separated, hands on the thighs in a relaxed but aware position.
  • Visualize a blazing sphere of white light about 6 inches above the top of your head. On an OUT breath see a beam of white light from this sphere enter the top of your head and go straight down your spine through your tailbone, down through your legs to the bottoms of your feet and to the center of the Earth.
  • Take a moment and see a white sphere at the center of the Earth connecting you and feel the nurturing it gives you.

Inner Holy Planet Activation

  • IN breath, feel the energy rise up from the center of the Earth to the root chakra between your genitals and anus.
  • OUT breath, intone Aaaaaa (as in Bat) on C and see this center glowing a deep bright Red.
  • IN breath, see a ray of white light rise up from the root chakra to the sacral chakra (2-3 fingers below the navel).
  • OUT breath, intone Eeeee (as in get) on D and see this center glowing a deep bright Orange.
  • IN breath, see a ray of white light rise up from the sacral chakra to the solar plexus chakra (between the navel and the diaphragm).
  • OUT breath, intone Ayyyyyy (as in Hay) on E and see this center glowing a deep bright Yellow.
  • IN breath, see a ray of white light rise up from the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra (at the center of the chest).
  • OUT breath, intone Eeeeeee (as in We) on F# and see this center glowing a deep bright Green.
  • IN breath, see a ray of white light rise up from the heart chakra to the throat chakra (at the center of the throat).
  • OUT breath, intone Ahhhhhhh (as in Fog) on G# and see this center glowing a deep bright Blue.
  • IN breath, see a ray of white light rise up from the throat chakra to the brow chakra (center of the forehead).
  • Out breath, intone Ooouuuuu (as in You) on A and see this center glowing a deep bright Indigo.
  • IN breath, see a ray of white light rise up from the brow chakra to the crown chakra (just above the top of the head, the lower tip touching your skull as in the diagram above).
  • Out breath, intone Ooohhhhh (as in Joe) on A# and see this center glowing a deep bright Violet.
  • Take a moment and sit in silence.

Circulating the Body of Light

  • When ready, on an out breath feel the energy from above circulate down the sides of your physical body and aura all around you and down around to the soles of your feet.
  • On and IN breath feel this energy rise up through the bottoms of your feet and the central column of your chakras to the blazing white sphere of light above the crown of your head and repeat the circulation process at least 3 more times for a total of 4 but no more than 7.
  • Enter into a state of meditation
  • End with the Qabalistic Cross

Suggested texts and links for further research on Chakras:

The Confraternity of the Rose Cross-Greek Kabala by Jack Courtis

The Subtle Body- Cyndi Dale

The Apocalypse Unsealed- James M. Pryse

Hands of Light- Barbara Brennan

Wheels of Life- Anodea Judith

Ascension Magick- Christopher Penczak

The Chakras- C.W. Leadbetter

The Middle Pillar- Israel Regardie

And many others…


5 thoughts on “Western Chakras: Ascension of the Inner Holy Planets

  1. Hello, im seeking knowledge to spiritually grow but it kinda confusing, a lot of the sources show the planets related to different parts than shown in this article, e.g. Saturn as the root chakra, mercury at the throat instead of mars. Could you possibly explain this to me as im very new to this stuff.

    1. Hi, Thank you for reading the post and for making this comment. The system mentioned in this post is based on the “celestial spheres” or the “Ptolemaic” order of planets. Over years of research I could not find any mention of the planets and chakras in any other order before the late 1880s. This was the time period of the foundation of the Theosophical Society and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Their planetary attributions, such as Saturn being related to the root chakra, seem to be somewhat based on astrology and alchemy. Mercury has to do with communication and so it was attributed the throat chakra. Also, mars was associated with the sacral chakra and reflects the Victorian era war on sexuality and not necessarily the joy and connection one has through sexual union. The system outlined in the post is aimed to reflect what we as humans observe from earth and into the universe and in our spiritual bodies. Hope that helps and please feel free to leave any other questions. For what its worth the western mystery tradition has become extremely confusing since the 1880s where it shouldn’t have been. Just my opinion.

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