3 Simple Ways to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

There are times in our lives when things just feel a bit off. It is perfectly natural and normal to have this happen in life. When we are on a spiritual path sometimes these feelings are intensified dependent upon how sensitive we may be to energies in or outside of ourselves. Most of the time these feelings and energies dissipate on their own pretty quickly and there is no need to do much else other than to keep up with our daily ritual and meditation regime, whatever that may be. Other times those feelings or energies are just stubborn, don’t seem to clear and like to attach themselves to us or our homes.


There are many causes for these feelings and energies. These can be anywhere from an entity to a person with some “bad vibes” hanging around your home too much as well as psychological projection bringing our own issues up to the surface of our consciousness. Whatever the cause may be these simple yet effective rituals can be done pretty quickly and safely in your home. They can be repeated every few days if you wish but more than likely they will work on the first time. The use of incense and holy water has been used as far back as history can show us. The use of alcohol and salt together is a modified version of an AMORC exercise but has proven very useful.


  • Spiritual Cleansing
    • Fill a bowl (like one for cereal, preferably one that can be microwaved) about a ⅓ full of salt
    • Pour rubbing alcohol in the bowl until the salt is saturated and small layer of alcohol is above the salt (be sure not to put any more than this)
    • Place in the center of the room or house on top of a heat proof surface such as a potholder or oven mitt.
    • Light on fire and observe to make sure the flames don’t get out of control (have a pot cover ready in case-sand or baking soda will spread this kind of fire)
    • Let it burn until it puts itself out
    • It will give the room a cleansed feel and does away with all harmful energies including lingering spirits


  • Smudging

    • Find a white sage bundle,

      • adding lavender and mugwort is highly recommended
    • Have an ashtray or sea shell ready to catch the ashes or use a censor
    • Light the end of it after unwrapping a few rounds of the string
    • Walk around your home from the center of it clockwise and make sure all areas get a bit of the smoke
      • You may need to turn off smoke detectors first
    • When done just put it out and let the sage smoke linger in the house

  • Water Purification
    • Take a cup of water and put your hands over it and see light come out of your palms and into the water and ask whatever you believe in to purify and bless the water.
    • Take some salt and put your hands over it-see light come out of your palms into the salt and ask whatever you believe in to purify and bless the salt
    • Place a couple of pinches of salt into the water and ask whatever you believe in to make the water holy by the power of the salt
    • Walk around your home flicking drops of water around the area in general
    • Trace with your finger after being dipped in the water any symbol that you feel is very protectiver on the windows, the doors and any openings in the house
    • When done you can pour the water into the ground somewhere


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