Modified Elemental Solar Adorations

The Modified Elemental Solar Adorations in this post are an adaption from other works. They pull from the tradition of the Golden Dawn. Inspiration is from Israel Regardie’s “The One Year Manual”. There are other variations from the teachings Paul Foster Case. They are currently not published. Continue reading Modified Elemental Solar Adorations

Elemental Subtle Body Activation

Systems of magical training usually begin with some type of subtle body work. It forms a foundation of magical work and training to prepare one to be an instrument for the Divine. The Elemental Subtle Body Activation is one form. Continue reading Elemental Subtle Body Activation

Harmony, Correspondences, and Natural Order of Elements

Harmony, Correspondences, and the Natural Order of the Elements is one of the mainstays of any magical system. In the West this is one of the first points of magical philosophy to learn. Along with 6 other principles that have been summarized quite well in the Kybalion, a Neo Hermetic text. Continue reading Harmony, Correspondences, and Natural Order of Elements