Relaxation Using The 12 Bodily Areas

One of the most important precursors to any type of personal spiritual work is that of Relaxation. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we have our lives in the physical world and thus the physical body is the vehicle that we interact with in this world. If we are to ascend spiritually, to feel oneness, unity, at peace, it is vitally important that we ensure that our physical body is taken care of, in good working order and is able to work as a proper instrument for the higher spiritual energies we open ourselves up to on our return home.  It will also help you to concentrate and meditate more successfully if your body is in a relaxed state.

The following exercise is based on one that is used in most schools of the Western Mystery Tradition. This relaxation exercise has many uses in healing, charging the etheric body, and others which the practitioner should explore via their own inner guidance. The persistent and habitual use of it can lead to an overall greater state of health and well-being both physically, mentally, and spiritually. This exercise may be tailored for individual use once the basic sequence has been mastered. That means that you no longer have to look at the directions, it flows naturally, and you do not fall asleep while doing so, remaining focused and alert.

It is very important to work with the breath as instructed below for several reasons. The first is that as you focus and release the areas of tension in unison with your breath you are in turn focusing not just your attention on your body but also on what is called Spirit in the Western Tradition, Ruach in Hebrew, Prana in the Hindu systems, Qi (pronounced Chee) in Chinese, and Ki in Japanese. The use of the breath in unison with attention, focus, and the physical body is one of the foundations of all spiritual practices done in the West and East. Another important reason is that this also reinforces the reality that you are not just your physical body and that the real you should look upon your physical body as a compassionate King or Queen to his or her kingdom. In the Qabalah the Sephiroth Malkuth, or Kingdom, corresponds to the physical body, the physical plane of existence, as well as the etheric level of being. Looking upon your physical body in this way helps to align your consciousness with higher levels of your true Self by means of the mediator of the breath.

The 12 areas concentrated on in the exercise below, starting from the head to the feet, are the traditional areas of the body ruled by the signs of the zodiac in the West.

Relaxation Exercise

  • Read  the directions under this section at least three times before beginning this exercise. This will help build the pattern in your subconscious and memory.
  • Posture you may take either the sitting position or the standing position. The laying down position should not be used until you have mastered the relaxation technique and feel confident you will not fall asleep until you are done with the exercise. This is a good remedy for insomnia.
  • Breathing breath in for a count of 4, hold the breath for count of 4, breath out for a count of 4, hold the breath out for a count of 8 and continue this cycle of breathing until you feel comfortable and it feels somewhat automatic.
  • Alignmentseveral inches above the top of the crown of your head see a bright white light about 7 inches in diameter. Contemplate on this sphere of white light for several moments and continue when you feel ready. This will help you to align with your Higher Self also known as the Holy Guardian Angel.
  • Relaxation-on an IN breath focus on the area of your body to relax, starting with the head and following the order below. See and feel it in your mind’s eye and fill this area with white light. While holding the breath in, see and feel the area under consideration shine brightly infusing every cell with bright white light. On the OUT breath see and feel the light in this area wash away any tension and completely relax. Move your focus to the next area and repeat the same process until the order below has been completed.

The 12 areas of the body to relax are in the following order:

  1. head- Aries
  2. neck- Taurus
  3. arms-hands-shoulders- lungs-Gemini
  4. chest-breasts-rib cage- Cancer
  5. heart-upper back- Leo
  6. upper abdomen-intestines-stomach- Cancer
  7. lower back-kidneys- Libra
  8. groin-reproductive organs- Scorpio
  9.  hips-thighs-buttocks- Sagittarius
  10. knees- Capricorn
  11. calves-ankles- Aquarius
  12. feet- Pisces

These 12 areas may be done from top to bottom or vice versa. Experiment and see what works best for you and when. The key thing to remember though is to relax them in this same series (1-12 or 12-1) to ensure the proper energies are relaxed in order to reinforce the human being as a reflection of the heavens above.

  • Record Results in your Journal

While performing this exercise during the holding of the In Breath, you may feel some tension, a slight tingling sensation and other experiences. This is perfectly normal and is intentional. The tension felt is similar to the flexing of your muscles and then relaxing them. When the mind is focused on certain areas of the body more blood will go to those areas creating a slight tingling sensation. Again, this is all perfectly normal and is charging your physical and etheric bodies while at the same time relaxing them. Relaxation techniques in regards to spiritual exercises are not meant to put you to sleep but to create a relaxed state of receptivity for further work.


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The author has been a been a practitioner of the Western Mystery Tradition for 25 years. They have been initiated into several Orders of Martinism, AMORC and a mystery school descended directly from the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega via Paul Foster Case as well as a practicing solitary Eclectic Witch.

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