Relaxation Using The 12 Bodily Areas

One of the most important precursors to any type of personal spiritual work is that of Relaxation. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we have our lives in the physical world and thus the physical body is the vehicle that we interact with in this world. If we are to ascend spiritually, to feel oneness, unity, at peace, it is vitally important that we ensure that our physical body is taken care of, in good working order and is able to work as a proper instrument for the higher spiritual energies we open ourselves up to on our return home.  It will also help you to concentrate and meditate more successfully if your body is in a relaxed state. Continue reading Relaxation Using The 12 Bodily Areas

Body Postures and Alignment

There has been a long standing tradition in the Western Mysteries that we are to treat “the body as a temple”. There is a tremendous amount of information that is historical, religious, mystical and esoteric in nature that has fostered many written works on this subject. In regards to the practical work that one is to undertake at this point in their studies there will only be a few words mentioned as to the reasons why you would adopt these postures, on what is happening when we practice these postures, and the importance of following the directions given. Continue reading Body Postures and Alignment