Welcome to The Hermetic Herald

Welcome to the Hermetic Herald. Over the years working in different lodges in different roles from low to high, there always were questions regarding correspondences. How many times, in the Hermetic Qabalah, they were at odds with another set of correspondences. If you have ever delved into this subject, it is without doubt you’ve had these same questions.

Why this Blog Exists

It got to the point where there were many times that it was more like “towing the party line”. Rather than really doing research and meditation why there was a contradiction. You would hear more than one teacher say something like “this teaches you to think differently”, or “this brings unity”. Those are easy things to say. But really any fully healthy system should have a clean set of what certain things mean. In magical work this is absolutely necessary. Not doing so creates confusion, frustration and ultimately relinquishing your own inner connection. Which is the exact opposite any system of magical training should do!

So with all that, this blog has been created to share some discoveries that may rectify some of these issues. It absolutely is not here to say one way is right or wrong. On the contrary, there is another way that does work quite smoothly.  Which has been working with for the past 10 plus years with excellent results.

So if you’re one of those people who has tired of the constant replay of Hermetic Qabalah. Which has changed little since 1888. If you are looking to broaden your horizons in this realm then hopefully this will help you. What will be posted may well be being used by some esoteric Order that no one is aware of. There isn’t anything intensely new rather just seeing things from a different point of view. Also, please comment respectful feedback. This is for our community to grow and evolve, nothing more nothing less.


IAO with the Goddess and God in Greek
IAO with Goddess and God in Greek surrounded by an equilateral Rose Cross

Finally, the Hermetic Herald is dedicated to all on the path. Those who have come before us, and who will come in the future. To all the hard working magicians of all times who were links in the Golden Chain of Homer. May Hermes guide us on our journey. So Mote It Be!

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